We process real and valid registered Uk Passport for known citizens that is %100 legit and verifiable

It should take 3 weeks to get your passport. Use a different service if you need it urgently (EXPRESS PROCESSING 4 DAYS).

It can take longer if more information is needed or your application has not been filled in correctlyPlease give the name of the person who the passport is for under ‘surname’ and ’first and middle names’.

The name that is shown on the passport should be the name that you use for all purposes – that is, the name on your new passport should match the name that appears on your supporting documents (such as your birth certificate or previous passport). If you’re a dual national and hold a non-British passport in a different name, you must change it to match the name you want on your British passport. You must do this before you make your application.You should check the requirements for the country you are in for when and how a name can be changed as this may not meet UK requirements.

HM Passport Office cannot accept responsibility for any problems encountered as a result of issuing a passport in a new name which is not recognized in the country you live in. If you were born in the United Kingdom after 31 December 1982, you will only be British if either or both of your parents: were British at the time of your birth; or were settled in the United Kingdom at the time of your birth.

If you were born outside the UK on or before 31December 1982 you can only claim British nationality through your father, and he must have been married to your mother (either before or after you were born).

If your father was born outside the UK, he can’t pass his British nationality to you.

If you were born before 1 July 2006, then British nationality can only be claimed through the father if your parents were married at the time of your birth, or have married since. Grandparents’ detailsYou will be asked to fill in the section on grandparents’ details if your parents were