Polish Immigrantion

Mr. Lee, 37 years old, from Malta.

Mr. Henry, Who runs a business and relies on his company to buy him a house and buy a car independently, becoming a leader among his peers. Because of his hard work, Mr.Lee found his beloved wife last year. They married for a year and are preparing for pregnancy.

For the sake of his baby’s future, Mr. Henry hopes to be able to immigrate with his wife so that children can grow under the better conditions of overseas education and get more development prospects in the future.The husband and wife began to consult immigration information, and arranged a large number of overseas trips during the holidays to investigate future immigration countries.
During the National Day, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Write came to Poland to travel to the EU member states. The beautiful living environment and unique customs and customs have deeply attracted them.After returning home, Mr. Henry chose our company to assist his family in handling Polish immigration.Martin, a senior Polish immigration consultant of our company and expert in immIgration related demand, began to assist them in preparing the materials after they had an in-depth understanding of Mr. Henry husband and wife. In order not to affect Mr. Henry normal business operations, he chose the form of direct immigration in Poland.

With the assistance of the immigration consultant,Mr. Henry began to prepare the detailed materials needed for the husband and wife to immigrate to Poland. Throughout the process, all other work has been assisted by an immigration consultant. After issuing a work permit in Poland, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, accompanied by us,came to the embassy to make a face-to-face sign. After obtaining the visa, under the guidance of the immigration consultant, Mr. Henry and his wife ordered the ticket to fly to Poland. Our company arranged the local staff of Poland to pick them up from the Airport. The remaining amount is being paid at this time.

Mr. Henry and his wife applied for a Polish work visa.They only need to live in Poland for five years. They can apply for the EU long-term residence card after normal tax payment every month. After 7 years, they will automatically receive Polish national treatment.
At present, Mr. Henry and his wife are gradually adapting to the life of the waves. They believe that through their own efforts, they can create a better living environment and learning environment for future children and hope to cultivate a good next generation. Lastly we can handle quick Permanent Residence but it’s normally very expensive and sometimes most people go for it to avoid time wait for 7 years